Plastic Surgeon

Born in Moncalieri, Prof. Enrico Giachero graduated in 1971 in medicine and surgery and immediately entered the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Turin as an internal university doctor. After obtaining the specialization in Plastic Surgery in 1974 he was assigned several university professorships and became also the sole consultant of the Sant'Anna hospital (ostretricia and gynecology), the Institute of Neuro Surgery of Molinette, the Maria Adelaide Orthopedic Institute and of the Institute of Chirurigical Anatomy. A crossing of disciplines that allowed him to gain extensive experience developing various innovative operating techniques, illustrated in 47 scientific publications and 4 specialist volumes In fact, he is responsible for the use of glue in place of saturation points (first in the world with scientific publication), the introduction of breast implants through small incisions in the axillary cavity (first in Italy), correction of thoracic malformations and cranioplasty operations (first in Italy). In 1983 he won the Primary qualification contest at the Ministry of Health. Since 1991 he is Associate Professor at the Institute of Plastic Surgery of the University of Turin, of which he will become Deputy Director in 1993. Since 2000 he has resigned from every university position and is dedicated to the free profession. He is an effective member of the S.I.C.P.R.E (Italian Society of Plastic - Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) and of the international association I.S.A.P.S (International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
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