correction of the aesthetic deformities of the nose associated, if necessary, to the improvement of the respiratory function in the presence of deviations of the septum and hypertrophy of the nasal turbinates. According to my artistic concept you must do everything possible to recreate a harmonious nose with the rest of the face to the purpose that you do not notice that it is a "redone" nose


it consists in solving the problem of relaxation of the muscular and cutaneous tissues of the neck and face. The current orientation is to proceed from even 40/45 years: the results can remain almost unchanged for a decade. the scars are invisible also because I have improved the technique of intervention by performing the incision, the external one that would be more visible, inside the ear.


is to increase the breast volume through the use of prostheses. Personally it is an intervention that is particularly dear to me since I was the first in Italy to perform it in 1982 by introducing the prostheses through a small incision in the axillary cavity, for which there was no scar in the breast.


it is the correction of the excess skin of the upper eyelids and of the "bags" of fat that alter the lower eyelids.


a too elusive chin is corrected with the insertion of a suitable prosthesis; on the contrary a too prominent chin requires a resection of the exuberant bone portion.


correction of "fan" ears through incisions that will produce invisible scars.


it is the intervention to restore the conical shape, the right position and the tonicity of falling and flattened breasts. it can be improved, if necessary, by the simultaneous use of prostheses of adequate volume.


it allows to reduce the volume and restore the normal aesthetic shape of very large breasts. The incisions are always closed with the use of glue instead of sutures.


it is the intervention necessary to remove excess relaxed abdominal skin and possibly also excess fat with or without liposuction. This surgery is often associated with a treatment of the abdominal muscles to obtain an aesthetically flatter stomach.


they are "filler" substances that, since the end of the 80s, have always found greater consensus both for ease of use for immediacy of results, in the correction of furrows and deep wrinkles of the face. The introduction of these substances, permanent or reabsorbable, occurs through simple punctures. The treatment, almost painless, requires 5 to 10 minutes of sitting.


allows to eliminate excessive accumulations of fat that are collected in different parts of the body.